Press Release for Unicorn Pairs Fund
a Hedge Fund driven to make a difference

Unicorn Capital Partners, LLC is launching Unicorn Pairs Fund (the Fund) ( in January 2016 by offering a minimum 5% return for one year on the $100,000 seed capital raised from verified accredited investors. By using $20,000 of its own capital, Unicorn Capital Partners is removing the risk for seed investors.

How is this possible? ( Unicorn Capital Partners, LLC has reserved $20,000 which represents a 200% collateralization against the 5% guarantee on the $100,000 seed capital. In the worst case scenario, if Unicorn Pairs Fund loses 5% or more, Unicorn Capital Partners will shut down the Fund and use the $20,000 to cover the $5,000, for the 5% guaranteed on a $100,000, plus an additional $5,000 or more for the Fund's losses. Unicorn Capital Partners is confident the likelihood of the worst-case scenario of losing 5% or more is low and therefore is willing to assume all the risk in order to seed the Fund.

In Real-Time Proof-of-Concept, since inception over 2½ years ago, Unicorn Pairs Fund has generated better than 20% annualized returns, net-of-fees with very little volatility. Unicorn Capital Partners is confident the Fund will attract additional capital once it establishes a 6 to 12 month audited track record returning 20% or better net of fees.

“We are in line with the SEC in that full transparency is the best protection against fraud,” says Peter del Rio managing member of Unicorn Capital Partners, “that is why we offer full transparency in our fee structure and legal documentation for all our funds on”

Due to the JOBS Act and SEC Rule 506(c), there has been a tectonic shift because private-equity can now “broadly solicit and generally advertise the offering” and no longer needs a substantial relationship to do business. In fact, these legislative and regulatory changes enable crowdfunding among verified accredited investors. By offering Unicorn Pairs Fund with a minimum 5% return for the seed capital, Unicorn Capital Partners is able to leverage its capital 5:1 to launch the Fund using crowdfunding.

“It is always challenging to launch a new fund. In order to thrive in this already crowded industry, we must rise above the noise and excel at performance. By guaranteeing a minimum 5% return on the seed capital, we are given the opportunity to show our investors and the public what we can achieve,” said George Wang, the portfolio manager of Unicorn Pairs Fund.

About Unicorn Capital Partners:
Unicorn Capital Partners is the General Partner for all the private equity 506(c) funds hosted on Unicorn Capital Partners employs a holistic methodology with each fund employing a proprietary approach, risk management, money management, discipline and experience to achieve better than 20% annualized returns, net-of-fees. Living by its motto “Magus Excellentia,” the magic of excellence, Unicorn Capital Partners donates 20% of its revenue to charitable organizations. To protect investors’ returns, Unicorn Capital Partners uses a Graduated 10% Hurdle Rate on the traditional 2/20 fee structure to ensure its fees are dependent on performance. For detailed information, please visit

About Unicorn Pairs Fund:
Unicorn Pairs Fund applies a market neutral strategy by using a proprietary pairing coefficient to pair bullish and bearish stocks across different industries and sectors. As shown in “Real-time Proof-of-Concept” over the last 2½ years, the Fund generated 20% or better annualized returns, net-of-fees. Because it is trading in highly liquid markets, the Fund does not have a lock-up period - except only the one year lock-up on the $100,000 seed capital. For detailed information, please visit